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At Northway Physical Therapy, we work to recognize the unique elements of each situation. We provide total rehabilitation to patients suffering from a wide variety of injuries and chronic illnesses.

In order to achieve optimal results, we believe in spending time with our clients, from detailed consultations to detailed treatment outlines and follow-ups before and after each treatment. Our clinic offers private treatment rooms, equipped gym space for therapeutic exercise, and State-of-the-Art physical therapy modalities such as laser/light therapy, ultrasound, shock wave therapy, electrical stimulation, and thermo-stimulation for soft tissue mobilization.

Our personalized patient care highlights our commitment to not only healing the body but also paying mind to other aspects of rehabilitation such as motivation, depression, and frustration.

At Northway Physical Therapy, we utilize several different methods and therapies, as well as continual training to ensure that our techniques, are perfected and our clients well-being is assured.

Our mission statement is to provide high-quality physical therapy treatments delivered by competent staff in a friendly and comfortable atmosphere to achieve outstanding results.

Light / Laser Therapy